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The Business Information platform is a tool to check data about Romanian companies and to monitor them.  Users can check unlimited number of companies, export reports about companies and receive alerts’ email of new events that affect the monitored companies. The platform is compliant, can be used by listed companies, banks and recommended by public accountants.

DESCRIPTION: intuitive and easy to use platform

  • The platform connects with the authorities’ public websites (ANAF, Ministry of Finance, Trade Registry, Real Securities, Official Gazette) to collect free and paid data about companies registered in the system.
  • An algorithm assesses the quality of the company. Even non-financial specialists can have a synthetic vision about a company.
  • Users can do unlimited checking about free data. Users order paid data and reports from Trade Registry, banks, or credit risk companies based on prepaid units’ packs.
  • For monitored companies, the platform regularly checks the new data and sends alerts emails to users.
  • All information can be exported in Excel to create personalized reports
  • Through the platform, users can order compliance reports: RECOM reports (ascertaining certificate, shareholders & administrators report), KYC report – Know your Customer, UBO – Ultimate Beneficiary Owner, credit report


  • Immediately access to free and paid data from official sources of information
  • Quick assessment of the checked company
  • UNLIMITED CHECKING – companies can be included, changed, deleted at any time without additional cost;
  • Alerts’ email about any event that affects the monitored companies;
  • Screening tools to quickly assess the situation of a company or a portfolio of companies
  • Create your system of categorization: Prospects, Suppliers, Geographical Area etc;
  • Personalised reports;
  • Administrator rights and up to 9 users with different users rights


  • Possibility to test the platform for 1 month;
  • Tutorial about the main functions of the platform;
  • On line training for new clients
  • Once a month of free training for new users (English & Romanian);
  • Email & phone support.


  • Ministry of Finance – financial data;
  • Trade Registry (RECOM) – company status, shareholders, administrators, certificates;
  • Fiscal Authority (ANAF) – fiscal status, debts to the state;
  • AEGRM – real securities;
  • Ministry of Justice – trials and litigations;
  • Insolvency Bulletin – legal information about companies in insolvency;
  • Official Gazette – shareholders, events of the company.

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