Vaccination campaign

Meeting with Prime Minister Florin Citu ,Col. Valeriu Gheorgita, president CNCAV and Andrei Baciu , State Secretary Ministry Of Health

The main ideas discussed during the meeting are:

  • When it comes to the space needed for the vaccination centers, the norms that will be applicable to private companies will be less strict than those currently in place for the public centers. DSP will work with the companies to ensure that the flows are respected and that there are 3 designated areas for triage, vaccination and waiting. Each DSP will have a person dedicated for this topic.
  • Each center is requested to have a freezer dedicated for the vaccine.
  • The people that can be vaccinated in these centers are employees, subcontractors, and their families that live at the same address.
  • The medical staff will be ensured as follows:
    • By the company if the company has a contract with a private healthcare service provider.
    • By the public vaccination centers, with mobile teams, if the company does not have personnel.
  • The vaccine doses sent to the centers will be for maximum 3 days, depending on the capacity of the center, the medical staff available and the request.
  • Companies with less than 100 employees and companies that do not have space for a vaccination center can send a list with the employees that want to be vaccinated to DSP.
  • The centers in the private companies should start working as soon as possible, in order to vaccinate as much as possible before Easter.