RETURO SGR: The mandatory registration of traders and beverage producers in the guarantee-return system database has begun.

RetuRO Sistem Garanţie Returnare S.A., the company holding the license to operate the Guarantee-Return System (SGR), unique at the national level, announces to traders and producers/importers of beverages that it has started the MANDATORY registration in the system database, the preliminary stage of entry according to SGR.
The legal framework establishing the method of implementation of the guarantee-return system (SGR) was adopted in October 2021, by GD 1074/2021.
The implementation of SGR in Romania is an objective that has been intensively worked on recently, and the producers, importers, and retailers of drinks have an important role in the operationalization of Romania’s largest circular economy project.

What is the return guarantee system?
The guarantee-return system is a system through which Romanians will pay a guarantee of 0.50 RON when they buy a drink (water, soft drinks, beer, cider, wine, or spirits) from a retailer. The system applies to non-reusable primary packaging made of glass, plastic or metal with volumes between 0.1 l and 3 l inclusive. To be easily identified, the products that will be part of the system will be marked with a specific logo.
After emptying the packaging, the consumer will have to bring it to one of the return points organized by merchants, which are practically in any store in Romania. In exchange for the empty packaging, the consumer will receive back, on the spot, the value of the originally paid guarantee, without the need to present the tax receipt and even if the said product was not bought from that location.

Registration on the platform
The platform for registration of manufacturers, importers and traders in the SGR is active at this moment and can be accessed here. Registration is done in a separate section for each of the two categories. Please start preparing the necessary data for registration on the platform so that you can start the registration as soon as possible.

FOR MERCHANTS/HORECAthe following information is required: the address and area of the sales structure (of the store), the opening hours, the estimated method of taking over the SGR packaging from consumers (manually or through automatic takeover equipment – RVM), the number of products in SGR packaging sold in 2022 and the number of products in SGR packaging estimated to be sold in 2023.

FOR MANUFACTURERS/IMPORTERS: Data for the year 2022 are required on the number of packaging units subject to SGR and the related packaging weight expressed in kilograms, introduced on the national market, broken down by type of material, volume per packaging unit, and product categories contained on which you will enter them in the platform. 

When is the last day to register?
Registration in the guarantee-return system database is done on the website and ends on February 28, 2023.
Also, for information and support for registration in the SGR platform, we inform you that RetuRO provides a call center number – 021 207 00 09 – normal rate number that can be called from any network and is available from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00, except public holidays.