La Lorraine Bakery Group delivered a solid performance in 2023 and is
looking for 400 new employees to continue the growth in 2024

La Lorraine Bakery Group (LLBG) realized a revenue of 1.36 billion
EUR in 2023. This strong revenue growth of 16% is driven by investments in new
production capacity in Europe and innovations in its core product categories. The
REBITDA margin as a percentage of revenue was 13.9%, a strong recovery after a more
difficult year of strong inflation in 2022. Sustainability remains a key pillar of LLBG’s
strategy, with a first significant reduction of its carbon footprint.
By 2028, LLBG aims to grow sales in Europe, Turkey and the Middle East by more than
50%, through strong innovation while reducing its ecological impact. “To achieve this
ambition, the employees of La Lorraine Bakery Group are crucial. In 2024 alone we plan to
recruit 400 additional employees, 100 of them in Belgium, and roll up our sleeves together
to make a difference” states Guido Vanherpe, Group CEO La Lorraine Bakery Group.
LLBG continues healthy growth in 2023
In 2023, LLBG achieved solid revenue growth of 16% compared to 2022, reaching 1.36
billion EUR, thanks to ambitious investments in new production capacity in Western and
Central Eastern Europe and in strong innovations in its core product categories such as
small artisan breads (rose rolls) and beignets (DoNutWorryBeHappy Bites).
The group REBITDA amounted to 189 million EUR in 2023, up 38% compared to 2022. This
growth is explained by the recovery from the impacts of the highly inflationary 2022, in
which the company’s margins were put under strong pressure. Its Russian business was
also set on non-active that year. This allowed the company to recover to historical levels:
the 2023 REBITDA margin, as a percentage of revenue, was 13.9%, compared with 11.7% in
2022 and 14.0% in 2021.
2023 was another record year with an investment budget of 184 million EUR, to create
new capacity with state-of-the-art artisan bakery lines as well as top-quality sweet-on-thego production lines (including doughnuts). Most of these investments will go to new
factory halls, production lines and high-bay warehouses. Key projects were realized in
Erpe-Mere, Romania, the Czech Republic and with joint venture partners in Greece and
Italy. LLBG also renewed the patisserie ateliers in Ostend and Alken (Belgium).

‘Baking a better world together’
In 2022, LLBG has made sustainability an integral part of its next five-year strategy, with
clear and bold ambitions for 2027.
“Growth and impact go hand in hand at LLBG: as we become a bigger and better
company, our positive impact on the planet and society increases. And as we become
more sustainable, this will also lead to accelerated growth of our business. In short, ‘baking
a better world together’ is what our 5,000 employees get up for every day with great
enthusiasm,” says Guido Vanherpe, Group CEO of La Lorraine Bakery Group

Some sustainability highlights of 2023:
• LLBG reduced its carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 & 3) by -9% compared to 2022. The
switch to 100% green electricity in Poland contributed greatly to this.
• LLBG harvested its first regenerative & low-carbon wheat.
• LLBG uses 90% paper-based packaging; 97% of the packaging is recyclable or
• LLBG earned a silver Ecovadis medal for its sustainability initiatives, ranking among
the top 14% of companies in the industry.
• LLBG introduced a new supplier code of conduct focused on sustainability, which
already covers more than 80% of raw material and packaging purchases.
Clear ambitions for 2024
For 2024, LLBG expects another year of continued revenue growth, driven by an
ambitious investment program in new production capacity in Western & Central Eastern
Europe, Turkey & the Middle East, which will be accompanied by significant quality
improvements and innovations in its strategic product categories. The company will be
able to realize additional growth thanks to its recent joint venture Backunion in Germany
and Kristiania Gourmet in Norway.
The group REBITDA is expected to grow in line with volume growth and efficiencies as a
result of economies of scale.
“Our biggest challenge for 2024 remains to successfully realize our strong growth
ambition through timely execution of our future-oriented investment program of about
200 million EUR in 2024. Even though we are unlikely to be spared from more geopolitical
volatility in the coming years, we are hopeful that we can put the turbulence of the
pandemic and unprecedented inflation behind us. Above all, we are confident in our longterm strategy and highly dedicated teams that are fully committed to growth, top-quality
products and innovation”, explains Guido Vanherpe.

LLBG is ready to roll up its sleeves
Guido Vanherpe, Group CEO of La Lorraine Bakery Group: “La Lorraine Bakery Group
aims to grow revenue in Europe, Turkey and the Middle East by more than 50% by 2028.
We want to achieve this by strongly innovating while reducing the ecological impact.”
To achieve that ambition, the employees of La Lorraine Bakery Group are crucial. LLBG
plans to create, in 2024 alone, 400 new jobs, including 100 in Belgium. To attract the best
talent, LLBG will launch a new Employer Branding campaign in 2024 under the slogan
‘Ready to roll up your sleeves?’
“We are a fast-growing family company with Belgian roots and strong values, operating in
more than 35 countries. Within our company, all employees make a difference, whether
they work in management, sales or on the production line: every position contributes to
our growth story. Despite our rapidly growing organization, we remain very agile and
entrepreneurial. We like to roll up our sleeves, whether it is developing new flavors,
refining processes, or conquering new markets. Our long-term mission ‘Baking a better
world together’ guides us in everything we do,” Guido Vanherpe clarifies.
Interested parties will find more information about the various vacancies on LLB