INAQ Conference: IFS 2022 – Production, Logistics, Retail, Export

In 2022 INAQ Consulting marks 22 years of consulting, training and auditing activity. Together with our traditional partner, IFS Management GmbH, we organize the 8th edition of the IFS Romania Conference.

The IFS Romania conference is already a traditional event, of the food industry and of the household and personal care products industry, which facilitates the meeting of specialists in the field, the reunion with partners, collaborators, customers, suppliers and certifiers.

It is also a time of respite that we allow ourselves once a year, a day when we forget about our daily routine and current challenges. We exchange views, find up-to-date information from all areas of the supply chain, and related industries, new practices, innovative solutions for automation and digitization of processes, records, processing technologies, packaging, logistics, testing, product quality control and security food and we find new business partners.

You have the opportunity to personalize your participation, so we expect from you proposals for approaches, ideas, topics, themes that represent you, highlight the business, which could give more value to the quality of Partner. We strive to be a unique experience!

This year, the 8th edition of IFS Conference will be physically organized, which will allow partners networking options with participants, an exhibition area where you can put information about the company (company profile), videos of max 2- 3 minutes, product / service presentation materials. It will also be possible to mention and detail the company’s projects.

Event agenda

First part

  • 8.30 – Welcome coffee
  • 9.00 – Opening – Ionuț Nache, General Manager INAQ Consulting, IFS Representative in Romania
  • 9.10 – IFS news, new development directions – Stephan Tromp, Managing Director IFS Management
  • 9.30 – IFS Food 8 – details, news, context – Chryssa Dimitriadis, Director IFS Standard Management
  • 9.50 – Approaching sustainability from an IFS perspective, IFS HPC V3 News – Helga Barrios, IFS Senior Technical Project Manager, IFS Representative Spain
  • 10.10 – IFS Logistics 2.3, the benefits of implementation, examples of good practice – Beata Studzińska-Marciniak, IFS Standard Manager
  • 10.30 – Poland Experience – Marek Marzec, IFS Representative Poland & CEE
  • 10.40 – INAQ Data & Research and INAQ Branding – new services of INAQ Consulting – Ionuț Nache and Mihai Coliban
  • 11.00 – CMC presentation – Marius Maier, Managing Partner
  • 11.15 – Lean management in the food industry – qualified approach and international expertise – Sorin Petcu, General Manager Lean Vector
  • 11.30 – 11.45 Coffee break

Second part

11.45 – Presentation of TESTO – Horațiu Basa, Managing Director

12.00 – Presentation AXIVEN – Angelos Spiliotis, Managing Director

12.15 – AB Technical Presentation – Adrian Balaoi, General Manager

12.30 – Presentation of IMARK System – Romeo Turleanu, General Manager

12.45 – Presentation “Clinical study: When, how and why” – Alina Nanu, General Manager Eurofins Evic

13.00 – IQ Lab presentation – Cleopatra Neagu, General Manager

13.15 – Salesianer Presentation – Adrian Chiorean, Managing Director

13.30 – AA Data Box presentation – Alis Patlageanu, Managing Partner & Adriana Ceausescu, Managing Partner

13.45 – 14.30 Lunch breakThird part

14.30 -16.30 Round table: The concept of sustainability, ESG, in the supply chain

Oana Grosanu – Executive Director, Embassy of Sustainability in Romania

Aintzane Esturo – Technical Director, IFU International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association

Adela Jansen – CCIFER Certified Independent Board Member

George Badescu – Director Executiv AMRCR

Ionut Georgescu – Founder & CEO FEPRA

Dan Ceausescu – Sales & Marketing Director Urban SA

Gabriel Biris – Founding Partner Biris & Goran

Constantin Damov – President of Coalition for the Circular Economy

Arie Veldhuizen – Agricultural Counsellor Embassy of the Netherlands

Dragos Neacsu – CEO of GS1 Romania

Ionut Nache – INAQ Consulting, General Manager INAQ Consulting – IFS Training Center

Cocktail & networking