How much it costs a presentation website?

A simple question that requires a complex answer. In this article, we will respond to the question that we receive very often from our clients: “How much will cost me a presentation website?”, because we want to help you to invest in what you actually need.

After 18 years of implementing numerous presentation websites, we got through all kinds of experiences which means that we can help you avoid disappointments.

There are 3 types of presentation websites:

custom, ready-made or website builders

1. A “custom website” requires consulting services – to make sure that what you want from the website (like format, colors, branding, navigation processes for users, action buttons, etc.) is what you will find in the end-product and the expertise of a web programmer that will write the necessary codes.

Strengths: A unique website, hard to be copied.

Weaknesses: Quite expensive – the implementation costs starts from 5.000 EUR (if you will pay less it is more likely to be disappointed and still need to pay a few thousand euro).

2. A “ready-made website” requires the acquisition of a theme (meaning the format of the website) from a platform like ThemeForest choosing the right format for your business, expertise in creating the presentation materials and designs (texts, pictures, logo, etc), and implementing them on the website.

Strengths: A website easy to manage, which you have 100% control, quick to implement with costs starting from 30 EUR. If you choose to work with a Consultant for designing the materials and implementing them on the website, the costs will rise depending on the number of hours necessary for the implementation (starting from approx. 500 EUR).

Weaknesses: If you need a premium website, the web-design costs will increase significantly.

3. Using a Website Builder like WordPress. This is the perfect solution for individuals and small companies that can create an online presence without using the expertise of a web programmer. The costs for such a solution vary from 0 EUR – 500 EUR/month, but the majority of websites fall in the range of 10-50 EUR/month. The plan with zero costs is suitable only to test the solution because it has very limited features.

Strengths: Easy to use even for those with no technical skills.

Weaknesses: Very limited features. 

What features are important for a presentation website?

As a B2B Consultant, we helped numerous companies to start their website, and each time we advise them to consider the following elements before they decide to implement:

  • Friendly interface & easy to use – The website must be intuitive and easy to use by visitors, as well as easy to update by the administrator.
  • 100% Control – You must own completely the information from the website.
  • Fast upload – This feature is very important for visitors and search engines.
  • 100% Responsive – The content should be adapted to any device: desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet.


To keep in mind before creating a presentation website

The budget for a presentation website includes not only the amounts for the actual website but also the other necessary resources like time, design skills, and technical skills. So you need to define from the beginning the following aspects:

  • What results you are expecting from the websites?
  • How much money and time are you willing to invest?
  • How you will manage your website day-to-day? (like updates, security, platform etc.)

Main costs for a presentation website:

  • Custom Website – the most expensive option – starting from 5.000 EUR.
  • Ready-made Website – you have control over how cheap or expensive is your website – starting 30 EUR for the theme, and after 10-50 EUR/month for various plugins.
  • Website Builder – the cheapest option – average 5 – 50 EUR/month

Other costs:

  • Aquisition of a domain – 12 EUR/year for a
  • Hosting – 10-30 EUR/month (usually paid yearly)
  • Outsourced maintenance – for basic updates for the platform, security, plugins – approx. 30 EUR/ month


Custom Website if:

  • You have a generous budget
  • You do not want to have the responsibility for design
  • You are short on time
  • You need a complex and custom design

Ready-Made Website if:

  • You have a minimum budget
  • You want control over the website
  • You have enough time for launching the website
  • You want a high-level of personalisation

Website Builder if:

  • You have no budget
  • You just started with web-design
  • You are short on time
  • You do not want to be bothered with the technical details

Before taking any decision, do not forget …. the most important is to receive value for your investment.

It will be worth every penny!

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