The Law 164/2023 published in the Official Journal 495 of June 7, 2023, extends the scope of the screening of foreign direct investments to include, in certain conditions, FDI over EUR 2 MM by EU-investors. The previous legislation provided only for the screening of FDI by non-EU natural or legal persons investors.
We remind that under the GEO 46/2022 on the enforcement of the EU Regulation 2019/452 of the European Parliament and of the Council of March 19, 2019, foreign direct investments topping EUR 2MM, are subject, in certain conditions, to screening and clearance by the Commission for screening and clearance of foreign direct investments in order to prevent circumvention of the screening mechanisms of foreign direct investments (in Romanian CEISD).
Here follows an overview of the main modifications and amendments brought to the GEO 46/2022 under the Law 164/2023.

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