Cegeka Romania plans to expand in several cities in Romania and Moldova by setting up satellite offices

Cegeka Romania, a leading provider of IT&C solutions, registered a turnover of 18.8 mil euros in mid-2021, 12.2% higher than the same period last year.  That is a significant increase for the company and the group,  demonstrating the stability and adaptability of the company in conditions of uncertainty, health crisis, and constant fluctuations in the general economic activity.

‘The positive performance is due to the continuous efforts of the entire team and the local and diversified client portfolio, carrying out new digital transformation projects,  and continuing existing collaborations. The largest projects Cegeka Romania has undertaken this year are for companies and businesses in finance and banking, insurance, retail, logistics, and real estate. We are ambitious and estimate that by the end of the year we will increase the company turnover by at least 15%  compared to the last year’, said Lucian Butnaru, Country Director at Cegeka Romania.

Cegeka Romania is approaching 700 employees  |  Satellite offices: a new working model

The company plans for the next period aim to expand in several cities in Romania and Moldova by setting up several satellite offices, while  Bucharest will be the headquarters, along with pivotal activities in Iasi. The growth projected for the next two years is represented by the recruitment of 75 new people in Moldova, while 200 new colleagues will be hired to the satellite offices in Romania.

The open positions target technical specialists for a wide range of projects, most of them in all technologies, such as Java, .NET, Mobile, JavaScript, Cloud, Windows, Linux, Cyber-Security, Storage, and Digital Workplace. The company crossed the threshold of 680 local employees, being recognized as one of the best IT employers in Romania at the same time.

‘The hybrid working model was already put into practice in the first stages of its implementation. The most important element was to define a strategy: how does this model fit with our values ​​and culture, with the company objectives, how do we measure, what tools do we use and how do we integrate this way of working into the employee every day work. It is a complex process that we have implemented together with the people in the organization, with the main objective of our flexibility and the core value <in close cooperation>’, says Andra Antonescu, HR Director at Cegeka Romania.

This model is part of the company’s wellbeing strategy. The goal of this program is to encourage employees to define and successfully build their professional lives. For Cegeka, this means that they do not define wellbeing restrictively, but view it as a sum of factors that affect all areas of their lives.

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