Baldwin. The e-commerce agency is up to something.

Baldwin is tackling a new approach nowadays, as they are striving to grow and be more than an agency. The e-commerce specialists based in Gent and Cluj-Napoca are now providing solutions from which your business will swiftly benefit.

So. What is Baldwin actually up to?

Some very exciting projects that eventually turned into great solutions. Baldwin’s goal is to help businesses grow online and has been doing that for some time now. Without further ado, here are Baldwin’s three biggest projects right now:


With Lochting, Baldwin aims to create a platform that will allow businesses to manage in-store commerce through screens and smart vending machines. Instead of having to resort to various other tools, businesses can only use this single powerful platform to drive their commerce. 

“One platform to rule them all”, how Baldwin would describe it. A very interesting project, considering businesses could easily reach their customers whether they are at home, on the road, or at the premises.


Most if not all businesses consider transparency a very important issue. When talking about customer relationships and customer experience, transparency is highly valued by every customer. 


This is where Contributio comes in. Contributio is a plug-in that allows businesses to easily share how they contribute to society. The widget allows being fully transparent about brand values, quality labels, memberships, charity, awards directly on your website. Consider it a passport for your business.

Grote Dorst

With a nice and somewhat intuitive naming, Grote Dorst – or Grande Soif, or Big Thirst – is a platform that is instantly ready for the Drinks Market. The platform is proof that local and e-commerce go hand in hand. During the first phase of the implementation, Baldwin will feature Belgian Beers in collaboration with Drinks4u from Deinze.


It is a fact that there is still a great number of businesses that have not yet jumped on the online shopping train. This is precisely why Baldwin is providing an easy and affordable solution to safely step onto that online shopping train. All in all, what Baldwin brings to the proverbial table is a neat solution that allows you to focus on your products and delivery management. 

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