Aura Icodin, A_BEST Foreign Language Center: Implementing a suitable linguistic strategy can influence stock exchange listing of Romanian companies

In the era of rapid globalization, when businesses are quickly expanding internationally, effective English communication has become essential for a successful business. For companies listed on the stock exchange or those getting ready for listing, investing in English language courses for their employees is not only a smart decision, but also a necessary strategy for effortless communication with international partners. “Connecting Romanian companies to the global business world through foreign languages has been the A_BEST mission for almost 15 years.”, stated Aura Icodin, Founder and CEO of A_BEST Foreign Language Center. (foto)

Companies that are listed on the stock exchange draw the attention of investors from all over the world. From financial reports to presentations for shareholders, accurate and effective communication can make a difference when it comes to receiving financial support that is necessary for the company’s evolution. 

Business English courses allow employees to interact effortlessly with international partners, clients and suppliers. Every well-chosen word and every successful negotiation make the company more competitive on the global scene. Thus, employees can collaborate more effectively with business partners around the world, reducing the risk of misunderstanding and errors. Improved communication leads to improved performance, both individual and collective, which generates tangible benefits for the entire company. 

Moreover, the company will benefit from a stronger image on the market. Companies that are engaged in continuous employee development and put an emphasis on effective communication with international partners convey a clear, powerful message that builds the trust of investors, clients and business partners.

Stock exchange listing implies, at the same time, preparing and submitting a series of legal and financial documents, which often requires translating them to English: the listing prospectus, the annual financial report, the management report, the auditor’s report, any potential agreements with banking institutions or creditors, various documents related to authorization or approval etc. „At A_BEST, we work with experienced authorized translators in order to provide first-rate translations, ensuring that the original message is accurately rendered in the target language. Moreover, translation is not only about conveying words from one language to another, but also about understanding the cultural and linguistic subtleties. Our team also pays close attention to these fine details.”, adds Aura Icodin. 

At A_BEST Foreign Language Center, we are constantly engaged in offering our clients packages of linguistic services, that are meant to make the best of the existing budgets on these segments and, thus, to optimize costs. Moreover, we are constantly providing our corporate clients with consultancy for the Linguistic Management Strategy, which is a set of measures and techniques aimed at avoiding linguistic and cultural barriers on new or expanding foreign markets. states Aura Icodin. 

In conclusion, investing in English language courses as well as specialized translation services is an important part of the Linguistic Management Strategy, which is indispensable for companies that are listed or undergoing the listing process on the stock exchange. These aspects have a significant impact on both internal and external communication, on the company’s expansion on the international market and, eventually, on the global success of the company. 

About A_BEST Foreign Language Center 

A_BEST Foreign Language Center ( is currently one of the leading independent centers for learning foreign languages in Romania.

Having a selection of more than 15 foreign languagesthree international accreditations and a national one, A-BEST Foreign Language Center has had, in its 15 years of activity on the market, approximately 400 clients — (multinational or national companies from Top 300, from FMCG, retail, logistics, banking, PHARMA, transport, IT&C, BPO, TELECOM, insurances, tourism as well as institutions, embassies etc) and over the last 5 years the A_BEST team has provided more than 50.000 hours of corporate foreign language courses

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