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Sector 1, Bucharest

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Willy Naessens Romania

Willy Naessens Romania is specialised in the design and construction of industrial buildings, logistics buildings, distribution centres, offices, commercial spaces, garages, agricultural buildings and swimming pools.

Willy Naessens Romania is a joint-venture of Willy Naessens Group https://www.willynaessens.beand and Wincon ( combining the strength and competences of both parent companies.

The success of the Willy Naessens Group is based on a number of principles, the most important of which is probably vertical integration.
In vertical integration, a company seeks to control all steps of the production process. This is a priority within the entire Willy Naessens Group.

Willy Naessens Romania has own design& engineering capacity, own production for structural construction elements, own project management team and own execution team.

Preconstruction & Engineering

• Building concept models
• Budget estimations
• Construction planning
• Cost availability of alternate solutions
• Feasibility study
• Energy saving evaluation
• Architectural and Building Permit package
• Complete structural design
• Complete MEP design
• Testing and commissioning

Fabrication of construction elements

We are manufacturing in our own factories:
• Reinforced concrete columns
• Pre-stressed concrete columns
• Concrete roof purlins
• Pre-stressed concrete slabs
• Stair cases and elevators shafts
• Reinforced concrete stairs
• Concrete walls (fire separation or facades)
• Insulated concrete panels
• Concrete roof elements
• Special elements

Project management & cost control

Our Project Managers and Superintendents understand the importance of communication with the Owner during the construction process and provide a structured means to maintain the information flow.
We are proud in exceeding all construction fundamentals: cost control, schedule control, quality control, sub-contractors management, communication and safety.

Construction Works

• Earth and infrastructure works
• Foundations execution
• Erection of construction elements
• Floors execution , installation of MEP systems and interior finishing

Services in 7 steps :

  1. Understanding investor’s idea
  2. Preparation of the building concept
  3. Budgeting
  4. Order confirmation
  5. Design & Engineering
  6. Manufacturing & Construction
  7. Handling over the turn-key solution