Manufacture of beer


Strada Rușețu 10

RO-060541 București 6 București

Three Happy Brewers SRL


Our story starts in Bucharest. The place that brought us together and captivated us.

It all began in 2015 when we started making beer for ourselves, because we yearned for something more.

We are David, Michele and Giulio. Before that beginning are our three individual stories, with one common denominator: the world. We have all traveled around it to pick the ingredients that go into our beer. And if “beer is a way to travel”, then the cycle is closed. And ready to begin again, in the country that has convinced us to settle and mix the spices.

People fell in love with the aromas of those first brew kettles, and we wanted to make beers that more people could talk about. Talk about over a beer – of course.

We are three friends who got together on a simple mission: to make fresh, pure, true-to-craft beer, recreating rare styles, our own reinterpretations of classics, and some weirder things.

Beer is a craft that people have reinvented and personalised throughout the centuries and all over the world. We aspire to become its ultimate craftsmen.

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