OvidiuRo Association

OvidiuRo focuses on making early education accessible to and effective for disadvantaged children throughout Romania via teacher training, providing rich educational materials, and parent education.

It is well-known that young minds need stimulation to develop, and that success in school is largely dependent on experiences during the first years of life. Children growing up in households without books, a frequent condition in poor communities, are already severely disadvantaged by the time they enter primary school, and consequently, they often drop out of school as soon as they can. Attending preschool is critical for such children. Age-appropriate books and other educational materials, as well as guided activities, set children on a path to literacy and numeracy, a path that will lead to further education and can ultimately allow them to break the cycle of poverty in which their families have been trapped.

OvidiuRo’s programs offer material resources and guidance to address the needs of children, their families, and their teachers. It is only through such coordinated efforts can there be significant, lasting change.

Over the past two decades, we have learned that providing materials without training teachers in how to maximize their use – or conversely, training teachers without providing them with adequate quality materials, severely limits the ultimate impact! But combining teacher training, quality resources, and the development of a community of committed teachers results in major advances in disadvantaged children’s readiness for primary school – all under the big umbrella of the Agency for Early Education.

OvidiuRo’s children’s programs are designed to make preschool welcoming and effective. Recognizing the critical role of parents in the education process, our programs always include a parent component.

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