Olimpia Airport Parking

What is Olimpia Airport Parking?
Inaugurated in September 2022, Olimpia Airport Parking is the first private multi-storey car park, located in the immediate vicinity of Henri Coanda airport, which offers the best conditions to car owners.
Everything about this project is superlative, from the technical details of the construction and the parking management systems, to the payment available in any format, and to the facilities included in the plan to offer a complete premium service and excellent experience deserved by any traveler .

Who is the service addressed to?
The service is intended for people who want to reach the airport in a comfortable way, with their own car. Thus, they can plan their own route, take care of their own luggage or transport their family in the same safety conditions (with an approved child seat) as in the case of all the roads they normally take.
Olimpia Airport Parking is the first option when it comes to safety. The car is one of the most important personal possessions, but also one that can be easily vandalized or damaged in the parking lot near the building in the absence of the owner. Our parking lot offers a guarantee of safety, through the video monitoring that covers each parking space, the security personnel present non-stop in the location and the night lighting.

The plan was to extend the pleasant travel experience by offering the comfort of coming with a personal car to the airport, and guaranteeing safety for the owner who knows that the car remains in a private, closed and permanently monitored parking lot.

Olimpia Airport Parking’s mission
is the materialization of a sustained effort to create the best travel conditions for the premium segment in Romania. We offered our clients a different option than a parking space on a marked lot, building a multi-storey car park with almost 1500 spaces, spaces for electric and hybrid cars, easy access and spaces dedicated to people with disabilities.

Technical details
The technical specifications of the structure are impressive, from the design designed to ensure an intelligent flow, quick access and an easy movement of customers through the perimeter of the parking lot, to the first quality materials used.
The construction, a Romanian-Swiss investment, is a robust metal structure with wide openings, which offers extra resistance and stability. It was made by the Astron company from Luxembourg, a European company with over 50 years of experience in the realization of more than 50,000 constructions on the metal structure. Their expertise covers the multi-storey car park segment, among other types of construction, and is visible in the way the access ways are designed, in the way the car flow inside the car park is thought, in the construction of stable bridges, in the way they are included in the plan, the spaces intended for electric cars and those intended for cars for people with disabilities.

Although we considered the functionality of the created space, we did not abstract from its appearance in the final form. These versatile polished raw fiber cement tiles produce the feeling of a futuristic space, created through a minimalist design, but effective, given the quality of the material used.

Technology and automation
If the design and concept make you think of a parking lot of the future, then the sensation is definitely doubled by the automated and highly technological experience. At Olimpia Airport Parking you can solve everything right before the barrier rises to allow you access or departure. Our monitoring systems are not only able to strictly control everything that happens in the parking lot, but they know the exact location of each car and its situation (payment made in advance, additional cost, etc.).

The “Park Eyes” system places a camera at 2 parking spaces or a 2-camera system that monitors 4 parking spaces. We always know how many seats are occupied, where and by whom. In combination with the “Find My Car” system, available through the automatic machines in the parking lot, your visit to us can be as short as possible for dropping off or picking up the car.
Access from and outside the premises is based on the systems that read the registration numbers. Make payments easily – online when booking, cash or card at the counter or machine, you have quick access and you can return to the important things for you in just as short time.


The infrastructure of charging stations for electric cars is generous. The parking lot has 36 such normal charging spaces and 1 fast charging space. The solution is offered by EV Charging Solutions, a company in the ABB Electrification portfolio, which offers a wide range of intelligent solutions and innovative services for the electrical infrastructure, providing everything from distribution systems, to cables, safety systems and accessories.
Equitone high-density fiber cement panels with an untreated surface were used for cladding the facade. These thin and light boards are in fact indestructible and have a considerable aesthetic contribution, giving even a technical construction an elegant appearance. Among the special characteristics of these tiles is the fact that they allow air to circulate behind the cladding, considerably reducing the risk of mold and the effects of excessive heat or frost.