Manufacture of Metal Structures



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Metigla SRL

Metigla has an extensive Belgian experience in the production of metallic cladding products, since 1984, and has been present in Romania since 2000.

We strive to find the right solutions for each project, as we are always seeking long-term partnerships.

Metigla Residential:
Metigla manufactures complete metal roofing systems for modern, durable and aesthetic residential projects. The Residential products division include 4 types of metal roof tiles: Clas, Star, Mira and Teck, and two types of standing seam roof profiles, Clic and Falt.
Metigla’s roofing products offer great aesthetics and easy installation, so the client benefits from one roof for a long time.

Metigla Rainwater:
Versatile, easy to assemble and extremely efficient, the Metigla’s rainwater system is the perfect drainage solution, combining features such as enhanced functionality,quality and modern appearance, meeting the most demanding requirements in the industry.
To provide effective solutions to any type of roof, Metigla’s rainwater system is available in two diameters, 125/88 mm and 165/100 mm delivering optimal results and durability.

Metigla Industrial:
Metigla’s Industrial Division products are used to build structures, to close roofs and walls, for interior partitions, extensions or metal finishes for a broad spectrum of constructions.
This division includes products like profiled metal sheets, insulated panels (sandwich), galvanized profiles, structural liner trays, façade cassettes, finishing pieces and accessories.