MEES Chocolates

The highest quality artisanal chocolate for over 27 years.

Mees Chocolates is a family owned bussines that has been making the highest quality artisanal chocolate for over 27 years.

Peter Mees, the founder of Mees Chocolates, and his wife Roxy are both active in the company. Peter is an alchemist. A creator and artist at heart, he never loses sight of the essential: chocolate and its unique flavours.

As for Roxy, she is the dirigent. She masterfully manages the production team to ensure that the chocolates produced by Mees Chocolates are perfect and meet the highest quality standards.

The team —
the ‘artist – craftsmen and women’

For Roxy and Peter, the team – ‘artist-craftsmen and women’ as they calls them – are also part of their family. They are there every morning to transform the exquisite creations, into fine chocolates. The team know that they can count on Roxy’s and Peter’s respect and support.

Peter comes from Belgium, the country of chocolate par excellence. He grew up in a small village between Bruges and Ghent. His wife, Roxy, comes from a small village, not far from Ploiești in Romania.

This marriage of two cultures is a daily challenge but also a permanent enrichment. Both have been brought up with great discipline and this is reflected in the quality of the chocolate produced by Mees Chocolates. Always striving for perfection.

The culmination of a lifetime’s work

Peter’s and Roxy’s life have not always been a smooth ride. There have been accidents, even falls, but they have always picked themselves up. For them, it’s not the fall that counts, but how you get back. They have learned to dare to be vulnerable and they have gained from their experiences, both the good ones and the difficult ones. A very clear vision of what life means to them. Those values they want to pass on the 3 children and to the next generations.

Mees Chocolates is the culmination of a lifetime’s work.

It is the magical moment when the alchemist turns lead into gold…

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