LTJ Trademark Intellectual Property Services
LTJ Trademark is the intellectual property entity of LTJ & Partners, registered since 2005 with the Romanian Chamber of Patent Attorneys.
LTJ Trademark provides in-depth Intellectual Property know-how, along with the resources and experience of our law firm.

We handle a complete portfolio of services in respect to trademarks, which includes:

  • Search – A thorough search before filing a trademark application avoids costly surprises.
    Investigating whether a trademark is already registered requires that a full search for availability is done in advance. A patent attorney can advise on all issues, such as whether the mark is distinctive or if you are infringing someone else’s rights.
  • Registration – From preparing the initial application to sending you the final registration certificate, we handle the entire trademark registration process.
  • Oppositions – In the event that a third party invokes a right against your trademark applications, or that our monitoring service has identified a risk to your trademarks portfolio, we will represent you in the oppositions procedure before the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.
  • Monitoring – Trademark protection starts with monitoring. The best way to protect your assets is done not only by using a registered trademark, but also by monitoring applications for similar trademarks.

Keep your creation safe! We advise clients on a complete range of copyright services, to protect the original authorship.

Works covered by our copyright services range from computer programs, databases and technical drawings to books, music, paintings, sculpture and films.

IP Transactional

As Intellectual Property and intangible assets play an increasingly important role in determining the value of a company, it is important to be able to identify and understand the key issues surrounding intellectual property when negotiating and implementing corporate transactions. We make sure to cover everything you care about, from structuring the deal, to negotiating and drafting, across the full spectrum of intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks and copyright.

IP Litigations

We combine LTJ Trademark’s skills as a Patent Attorneys’ firm with those of LTJ & Partners as commercial and litigation lawyers, which enables us to offer comprehensive intellectual property services.

We protect and enforce our clients’ rights in the courts, as well as through alternative dispute resolution methods, including arbitration, mediation and negotiated settlements.