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Our story

In 1992, 26-year-old Luc Tasiaux, then an employee of a major technology company, saw first-hand the consequences of insufficient project preparation and coordination. He founded IPS to help businesses better manage their industrial projects, streamlining the path to success for companies with big ambitions.

IPS has grown over the years, but our mission remains the same: to help our customers improve millions of lives, all over the world.

Our innovation-driven approach enables us to revolutionize manufacturing processes, and sometimes even improve products, for a vast array of businesses.

Our network of project managers and engineers offers a wide range of tailored services for any industrial project. Because all Group-IPS team members and service providers are trained with the same unifying methodology, projects progress smoothly and are completed on time and under budget.

Take your business to another level. IPS Project Management Training introduces motivated individuals and groups to our proven methodology. In just one week, we provide your team with the knowledge and tools to become more confident in preparing industrial projects.

Across every industry, we are building confidence…