Finestica Management Consulting

Finestica offers a range of enterprise-wide services that address various business needs, related to the purposeful ‘adaptation to change’ of any type of organization.

Our key driver is the pursuit of structural alignment of strategy elements at all enterprise levels. This results in a better performing and more change-flexible enterprise that acts as a single, flexible and aligned entity, rather than as a sub-optimal collection of change-resistant sub-entities going in all directions.

For this purpose we offer digital transformation services that include:

  1. Architecture Assessment
    Our team of certified enterprise architects assess your existing enterprise or IT architecture framework to identify gaps and recommend improvements to enhance business/IT alignment.
  2. Enterprise Architecture Planning & Implementation
    Our team will help you develop a comprehensive roadmap for architecture development in order to support the alignment of IT with business goals.
  3. Enterprise Architecture Governance
    We provide ongoing support to ensure that your enterprise architecture remains updated and aligned with your enterprise strategy.
  4. Information Architecture Elaboration
    We provide support in organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way, with as main goal to help users find information, complete tasks and ensure a high quality level of information.
  5. Application Architecture Elaboration
    With respect of your enterprise architecture will our team assist with the development of your application architecture through the use of effective patterns and solid techniques used to design and build strategy-aligned applications and IT systems.

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