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Accounting services and fiscal consulting

As the financial legislative frame became more and more complex, the accounting services are beginning to need not only technical applications of a few mathematical rules, but also a continuous flexibility and systematization of the knowledge in the field. This is the reason for which, nowadays, to choose the right accountant became an essential requirement for the success of your business and all companies, regardless of size or type of business, they have to understand that a good accountant has an essential contribution.

If you are interested in a good management of your money, I invite you to consider Fincont as an ideal financial-fiscal solution for you. Having on your side the experience and solid knowledge of Fincont company, you will benefit of a better valuation of your finances, so your only preoccupation would be how to invest your extra money earned from our collaboration. You will find that, being guided by a professional advice of a good financial adviser, you will pay less taxes and therefore, you will have more benefits for your company.

Our vision

In the nowadays insecure economic environment, where costs are raising, budgets are lowering and resources are rare, the companies must face constantly challenges related to organizing the incomes and improvement of their financial level.

If your company is determined to succeed, you have more and more needs for efficient management and fast actions. The time is necessary to solve the situations occurred in your company, without being influenced by tax related issues. Therefore, Fincont is offering its help. Having Fincont as partner, you will have the necessary time to concentrate on the intern management projects of your company.

If you want to rely on somebody trustful, count on Fincont company. We will help you to find the best ways to manage your finances, continuously ensuring solutions for the success of your management strategy.

About us

For more than ten years, Fincont acted for the development of a first class portfolio, including international and national, private and public companies.

In the past, we administrated many cases deriving from commercial and credit relations between an auxiliary company and the mother-company and we are proud that we can harmonize the Romanian financial legislation with the foreign one.

We understand the desire of our clients to have precise and accurate accounting services, expedience and confidentiality and fair prices. Therefore, Fincont has a price policy that is flexible and perfectly adjusted to the labor volume and expertise, correlated with the clients’ activities and their specific requests.

We have faith that our activity supports our clients in achieving the purpose of their business, helping them to improve the decisions of the management and its focusing on the company’s projects.

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