Blue Renaissance

What kind of relationship do you have with food? A joyous, trusting, full of excitement one or cautious, and unsure? Probably both but biased on the latter. Its the yin and yang of this relationship that occupies our thoughts about 1000 times a year directly and many a thousand times indirectly.

What if we remove the unsurity and cautiousness from life ? What if turned back the clock? What if we could go back to the days when we had a rather uncomplicated affair with food. What if we could relive days when there were zero lifestyle diseases as a consequence of eating ? What if we simplify?

Lets ask simple whys.

Shouldn’t food be extremely tasty and healthy by default? Shouldn’t choosing what to eat be a joy, not a chore? Must we question whether it’s the right choice every time you eat or drink something? Must our “why’s” become echoes?

We have tried simplifying Juice. Its not easy but we have shown its doable . We asked …Why shouldn’t juice be just 100% fruit? Why should juice have water? Is sugar-free enough? Which fruits should be juiced, and which should not? Can drinks not taste great and be healthy for the body?

And we solved – Look no further, Our 100% blueberry juice, organic certified, nothing added, not even water is a sneaky little health drink that doesn’t taste like one. There’s nothing boring about our blueberry juice – it’s a ready-to-drink treat that’s bursting with flavor and goodness. We were and are listening.

Don’t give up on food. Just ask why ! And we solve … gulp by gulp baby!

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