Dealul cu Afine

Turbocharged high-powered machines produce dangerous  by-products affecting the lives of Engine parts.We are all living a super life. 

A turbocharged life, constant pressure of which produces FREE RADICALS that not only shorten our lives but also affects our quality of life. 

Superfoods are Nutrient and antioxidant dense that are super scavengers and Super Neutralisers of free radicals.

However, most superfood ingredients have issues with strong off-notes and bitter taste leading to sparse acceptance.

Organic certified Blueberries are not just convenient to eat but also are very versatile when being gently and carefully 

changed into potent nutritional products across functional foods, Nutraceutical Cosmetics and Beverages segment. 

Blueberries are also a tasty, flavorful, eye pleasing carrier of other Superfood nutrition reducing the barrier of taste in continued consumer’s embrace of Superfoods.

With Blueberries, other superfoods can find a lifestyle fit and can be had anywhere in as many forms as possible. 

We have begun our journey with Juice – that is organic certified, nothing added in it, not even water and yet is the most balanced flavourful, 

refreshing, ready to drink Blueberry Juice. We also have dehydrated blueberries from the same Blueberries that we let nature grow!

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