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Business Anatomy

Since 2011, our company based in Cluj -Napoca, nominated the ambassador of EU open for innovation campaign on behalf of European Commission, specializes on support of foreign companies – including small or medium size companies- in entering Eastern Europe market, preliminary market study and building of local partner network. Either in the European market or in Romania, our core activity is to represent enterprises and their services in the market they want to enter.

Our core services and solutions are:
Market Entry & Business Development

Entering a new market from far away can be both expensive and time consuming. We offer market research, industry research and competitor research before starting the business expansion internationally. With our established large network of retail and wholesale partners, our company, has the ability to guide both local and international operations to successful market entries.
We are able to provide to innovative small or medium sized companies: -marketing support and joint access to innovation proposals and local/government funds
-consulting support to the customers by initiating, grow and maintaining client engagements using our Big Data market research app which offers competitive advantage, and save a lot out-of-pocket expenses on (online) advertising
– interregional and international contact through our skilled professional team with extensive experience in b2b matchmaking, brokerage events & international club meetings
– advanced knowledge in increasing the sales process and the number of clients and managing teams for presales activities, carring sales and postsales activities

Financial Management

Our company is experienced in helping overseas operations especially set up and then assisting them to manage their financial and administrative affairs.
After identifying the best way to approach the market, our public certified accountants, members of Romanian Chamber of Chartered and Certified Accountants (CECCAR) and Forensic Accountants Group (GEJ), will offer support with legal, fiscal and localisation procedures and may represent your company in tax paying matters. Our team is able to support you with:

-Local logistic & legal assistance including operational advising. We offer advice on full company setting up, registration and accessing government grants both for newly established companies and those with experience on the market. Business planning and EU funding through our network of investors, providing a cost-effective and efficient company formation service for, new companies, shelf companies, unquoted public companies, limited companies LLC.
-Accounting .We offer a full and comprehensive VAT consultancy and planning service which include: Financial accounting, Financial analysis, Forensic accounting , Income tax, Information technology, especially as applied to accounting and auditing, Tax preparation and planning, Financial reporting, Regulatory compliance

-Bookkeeping on-site/off-site, annual accounts, which enables us to give you advise about taxation and business development, and management accounting, as up to date and current financial information are key to the smooth running of your business, monthly or quarterly.

Human Resources Management

Our company is able to offer technical support -integrate and adapt the product to customer’s needs and coaching technical support teams for finding and solving engagement issues.
We offer talent solutions that help you manage the • recruitment, • selection, • engagement and • potential of critical talent, executives and next-generation leaders while minimizing the retention and compliance risk of a global workforce.

We provide experienced managers (IT professionals also) for immediate support through launching business, periods of growth, change or loss of key management.
For more information related to our services please do not hesitate to contact us at
Address: Cluj Napoca, Studium Campus Green, Teodor Mihali, 39-43, Cluj county

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