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Atelier Creamet


•Atelier Creamet was created from the vision of Vincent Reyntjens, who has more than 15 years of experience in the welding and grinding industry. After successfully helping growing a previous company, Vincent saw an opportunity for additional markets in 2017 and wanted to take his vision to the next level.

•As a result, Atelier Creamet was officially opened for business in November 2018. Atelier Creamet is more than a welding and grinding shop. It is a fully-integrated metal-working facility, providing welding and grinding services, fabrication services and general repair services.

Our Vision:

•To become the most respected and prominent service company in our industry, known for our dedication to excellence in everything we do.

•To be recognized as the industry leader due to our track record of exceptional quality and service.

•To have the industry’s best lineup of professional team players who are dedicated to safety, quality and take pride in all their achievements big and small.

Our Mission:

•To bring the industry a new standard of quality, craftsmanship, safety and technical support at a competitive price, while making customer satisfaction our top priority.

•To work diligently to ensure our clients that their project has our full attention and absolute focus at all it stages.

•To foster work environment supporting professional development, individual proficiency and team integrity.

•Focus on non-ferro materials and stainless steel.

Our Services:

•Roll-bending of metal sheets.

•Welding: MIG/MAG, TIG/WIG, Spot-welding, Laser-welding.

•Surface treatment: Grinding, brushing, mechanical polishing and finishing of metal surfaces.

•Wet painting of metal parts

Our Partners:

•Close cooperation with sheet metal processors in the neighborhood for Lasercutting, Pressbrakes (bending), Milling, Powder-coating and more…