The terminal is a new step in the evolution of our family business, that has been successfully managing a large arable farm for nearly 20 years. The farm has an annual capacity of 10,000 tonnes and the possibility to expand storage for 1100 hectares of its harvest.

The Arad South Terminal project was initially planned as a grain terminal but captured the attention of players from various industries due to the countless advantages it had to offer. We decided to invest our efforts in it, as well as the skill and seriousness that characterize us, which are reasons why many partners have given us their trust over time.

Founded in 2020, Afluent is the company that laid the foundation of the Arad South Terminal project. Based on a family component, Afluent operates in the logistics and commercial fields.

Afluent is en route to becoming a major intermodal terminal operator, with a key role in rail-freight access in the western part of Romania and in creating logistical and operational development opportunities.

Our strategic positioning along the European Rail Freight Corridor 7 and the possibility of vast expansion on our landholdings, make us the perfect partner for the future flow of goods across the Europe-Middle East route.

Broad coverage area

The terminal can serve customers within a 300 km radius, covering significant industrial and commercial areas. Given the modern or developing road infrastructure within this radius, the terminal plays an important role in the efficient transportation of goods over long distances, in combination with motor vehicles.

Quick and easy access to all main transport routes

We are located in the south of Arad and has the advantage of fast access to a motorway and an international E-road, as well as close proximity to the industrial areas of two major towns in Western Romania, Arad and Timisoara.

1 Total surface- 82ha

2 Land Extension- 450ha + 350ha

3 Valea Viilor Train Station – 1.6 km

4 A1 Motorway – 2.9 km

5 Arad International Airport – 11.9 km

6 Timisoara Industrial Area – 43.9 km

7 Timisoara – 46.8 km

8 Arad West Industrial Area – 18 km

9 Curtici Customs – 31.1 km

A new approach

Our business operates on a newly built platform with four rail lines for loading, measuring 350m in length. Operations are coordinated via a digitized system with two reach stackers (that can handle intermodal units up to 45 tonnes) as well as loading-unloading equipment (goods, grain).

We are open to all types of companies that want to benefit from the advantages of intermodal transport: railway or road transport operators, freight forwarding companies, large manufacturers and more.

Train operator

In addition to our presence on an important, modernised rail freight corridor, our major asset is positioning, which grants quick access to the motorway and proximity to the industrial areas of the cities of Arad and Timisoara.

We are equipped to quickly and efficiently handle containers while offering a safe, comprehensive storage service for all types of intermodal containers, with huge capacity for expansion.

Freight forwarding agencies

Our excellent position on the rails, as well as on a local and regional level, allows us to be a cost-effective, efficient transport alternative that plays a role in optimizing the supply chain.

Apart from the comprehensive intermodal container handling service, our terminal incorporates a large area of land with multiple facilities which allow the development of goods hubs for our partners.

Major manufacturers

Our aim is to simplify the logistic processes of major manufacturers, offering them cost-effective modularity for the safe and sustainable transport of raw materials, parts or finished goods in high volumes and over long distances.

The last-mile alliances with our road freight associates allow us to cover the whole process in the customer-supplier journey and provide optimal operating times.


We offer them an alternative to reduce their operational costs and to diversify their services.

We provide good quality storage space for various container types – semi trailers, tank-containers, reefers and movable boxes ensuring their security inside the terminal on a 24-hour basis.

Facilities for logistics operations

– 2.9 km of A1 motorway
Surface 75000 sqm
4 Lines x 350m each
Storage capacity 750 TEU
2 Reachstackers 2 x 45 to
200 units in the parking lot
Security and surveillance 24/24 h

– Handling / storage for containers and semi-trailers,

– Transshipment of goods

– Outlets for reefer containers

– Container repairs


– Loading and unloading cereals in / from: wagons, containers, trucks.

-Handling / storage of bulk goods, palletized and big bags

Development opportunities

The terminal is located on a 82 ha site which offers development opportunities for logistics projects and has the potential to provide partners with additional 420 ha available nearby, destined for goods hubs, production, industrial or commercial areas.