AB Tehnic Professional

Solutions for the large-scale industrial and commercial refrigeration sector

AB Tehnic Profesional srl is a Romanian company specialized in the distribution of
systems, refrigeration and HVAC equipment on the Romanian, Moldovan and Bulgarian
market. Our company provides a variety of energy-efficient products for this industry as well
as other adjacent areas such as: gas monitoring, solar panels, water circuit systems as well
as equipment, automation and maintenance services (performance analyzers), refrigerant
leakage detection systems.
The company started its activity in 2002, providing HACCP consultancy services,
designing and consulting for the food and refrigeration industry, later in 2010, becoming
only a distributor-wholesaler.
Our goal is to provide equipment for various projects, to reduce energy
consumption, maintenance costs, quality, safety of cooled products and a safe and
comfortable environment for purchases. Not only the knowledge of components but also of
natural refrigerants, such as NH3, CO2 or propane, of any type of freon, contributes to the
combination of reliable and innovative products with a unique position through present and
future techniques.
Together with our suppliers, we address the issues and challenges that customers
face in the market to improve their activity and achieve their business goals.
We are focused on becoming a leading supplier for the HVAC & R industry, the food
and chemical industry, through our clients, local installers.
Our Main Partners are:
AIR MAGIC ( https://www.airmagicair.com) – heating and air conditioning equipment
ALCO, COPELAND (www.emersonclimate.com) – automation for refrigeration equipments,
compressors and refrigerating units from Copeland
ALFA LAVAL (www.alfalaval.com) – evaporators, refrigeration condensers, heat exchangers
A.C.M. KALTE KLIMA (www.acmonline.it/eng/) – chillers, close controllers, rooftops
BG DOOR (www.bgdoor.com) – sectional doors
BIDDLE (www.biddle.info) – industrial and commercial air-curtains (with electric resistances or
with water) and air-heaters (with electric resistances or with gas)
Bini Clima (https://biniclima.com/) – fan coil units
BRANDONI (www.brandonivalves.it) – industrial valves in cast iron or bronze
CABERO (www.en.cabero.de/en) – vaporizers and refrigeration condenser

CLIMACHECK (www.climacheck.com) – performance analysis for refrigeration plants (software
& hardware kit)
COOL TOOL (www.cooltool-software.com) –software for design and HVAC-R installations
CUOGHI (www.cuoghi-luigi.it) – humidifiers by water vaporizing, centrifugal or steam, applicable
in commercial and industrial freezing and in HVAC; mobile or static dehumidifiers for swimmingpools or rooms with humidity in excess
DK (www.dk-kaelteanlagen.de) – heat exchangers, heat recovery and water cooling systems
DECSA (www.decsa.it) – cooling towers, evaporating condensers
DOSTMANN (www.dostmann-electronic.de/home.html) – equipment for high precision
DSI (www.dsi-as.com) – forced freezing equipment
EBARA (www.ebara.it) – pumps for liquids
ELIWELL (www.eliwel.it) – automation for plants
FABRICAIR (www.fabricair.com) – air dispersion systems and textile ducts
FIELDPIECE (www.fieldpiece.com ) –tools and implements for professionals in the HVACR
FIORINI (www.fiorinigroup.it) – plate heat exchangers, systems for cooling & heating plants,
equipments with renewable energy
FISAIR (www.fisair.com) – dehumidifiers, humidifiers
FLOWCONTROL (www.flowcontrol.se) – precision control valves for commercial buildings
cooling and heating
FRIGOPOINT (www.frigopoint.com ) – pressure vessels, automation elements for refrigeration
FRIULINOX (www.friulinox.com) – blow-freezers and blow-chillers, modular refrigerating rooms
FUEHLER (www.fuehlersysteme.ro) – sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure and airquality
HANSEN TECHNOLOGIES (www.hantech.com) – valves and automation for HVAC-R
HB PRODUCTS (www.hbproducts.dk) – oil and refrigerant level and control measurements
HERL (www.parker.com) – valves and automation for plants
INDUSTRIAL FRIGO DOORS (www.ifd-bg.com) – industrial refrigerated doors
INOSENT (www.inosent.ch)- gas sensors
INTARCON (www.intarcon.com) – industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment
INTERKLIMAT (www.ikinterklimat.com ) – accessories for medium and large refrigerated rooms
INTERTECNICA (www.intertecnicarefrigeration.com) – cold storage equipment
ITALIA REFRIGERAZIONE (www.italiarefrigerazione.com) – condensers and multi-compressor
systems for industrial and commercial refrigeration
JCI (www.johnsoncontrols.com) – HVAC-R equipments and spare parts
KIMESSA (www.kimessa.ro) – gas sensors and gas monitoring systems
LIFA-AIR (ww.lifa.net) – ventilation and HVAC air-duct cleaning solutions and air filters
LU-VE (www.luve.it) – vaporizers and refrigeration condensers
MIV (www.mivsrl.com) – doors for cold-stores
PANASONIC (https://www.panasonic.com) – CO2 compressor -capacitor unit

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