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MOTTO: I’m very smart in one situation only: when I realize I’m stupid. And when I realize I’m stupid, I choose to ask someone to help me. Why should I do it when I don’t have the know-how?” Ion Tiriac.

With over 10 years of experience in the industrial and commercial refrigeration sector, Frigo Consult Tehnic AB is an autonomous company that has focused its activity on providing complete consulting services in the technology of refrigeration and air conditioning installations, and elaboration in related projects, subsequently analyzed from an energy point of view.

        The AB Frigo Consult Tehnic AB team, in the over 10 years of activity, achieved various complex projects, which covered a wide range of areas. Refrigerated warehouses, HVAC-R installations for factories are part of the topics of the projects that are approached, in which improving the energy efficiency of the installations made or to be made, detecting mistakes and solving them are essential elements addressed. More than a simple project, as independent consultants, we can provide support in the design, engineering construction and optimization of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We offer consulting and design for the execution of any type of refrigeration installation, but we always decide on the next step together with the client. Regarding the services provided, we offer you the following modules:
  • Pre design studies/ Consultancy
  • Final design
  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Solutions
  • Offer
  • Construction management

The wide range of known products and the know-how of the systems, combined with the solid knowledge of our team members, represent the fundament of a team that has proven its ability to create excellent solutions. Among the key competencies of our team, the most relevant are:

  • Improving the performance of refrigeration plants;
  • Eliminating air and water from refrigeration systems;
  • Oil Return with built-in purification;
  • Oil Analysis – system diagnosis;
  •     Ammonia, freon, propane or CO2 systems;
  • Thermodynamic calculation and design of systems, heat exchangers, vessels etc.;
  • Development of technical computing software;
  • Design of processing equipment.

The projects developed by Frigo Consult Tehnic AB comply with European and national legislation. The company’s goal is to offer energy efficient solutions for any project. Among the main areas of interest are testing, overhauling and optimizing existing refrigeration systems and new ones, as well as the design and development of new equipment and advanced processes for the refrigeration segment. The solutions already developed will consider the solution of the common problems regarding the refrigeration systems, through a new approach, using simple operations, which have high efficiency, resulting in the reduction of service and operating costs. From a historical point of view, the company works as a specialist in increasing the efficiency of the refrigeration installation. The concepts of installations already in operation are analyzed in order to improve them. Depending on the results and ideas of the customers, an optimization plan will be initiated so that the improvements are real and can be made in the most common moments. For example, in the case of old or used installations, which need to be improved, solutions with the latest generation refrigerants are approached, which contribute to the reduction of the

greenhouse effect with low GWP and zero ODP. Another solution recommended by our specialists is the one with heat recovery, which has high efficiency and low costs. Thus, an energy performance can be obtained that contributes to the reduction of global warming, giving eco-efficiency to the installations. Therefore, the innovative techniques represent an object of interest for the company Frigo Consult Tehnic AB. Research and innovation activities are carried out together with and for clients or government institutions. Research projects aim to improve existing equipment, increase its efficiency, reduce energy losses and implement new techniques. Simulation programs are available in most situations of innovation, research and progress.

         Frigo Consult Tehnic AB regularly carries out an audit for energy consumption. Its purpose is to help you save energy, prevent it from being wasted and optimize the use of unused thermal products (heat recovery). During an energy consumption audit, the energy flow is analyzed and kept. An energy balance will be established and depending on it and the information on logistics and construction, the possibilities to save energy will be presented, taking into account the cost-benefit analysis. Water control can be performed together with energy consumption control.

Due to the extended service life of the refrigeration system, it is a good idea to check if you can improve your system in order to save energy. Energy can be saved depending on how the system is used, the parts can be replaced or its functionality can be increased.

  Reference works:

  • Food storage and meat cutting and processing section: SC Fraher Distribution SRL;
  • Establishment of repackaging unit, meat preparation and cold storage:

                 – SC Parmafood SRL (Bucuresti);

– SC Maier & Pavel Cold Storage SRL (Mogosoaia);

– Mega Image Distribution Center;

– expansion storage   Macromex SRL (Bucuresti);

– Fraher (Tulcea);

– Agroalim (Buftea);

– Frigorifer (Tulcea);

– Whiteland Distribution Center (Bucuresti);

– Fortuna (Bucuresti);

– Meat Team (Bucuresti);

– Calibra (Deva);

– Wind Speed (Brasov).

  • Establishment of dairy processing factory: SC Agrotrust SRL; SC Agrocomplex Lunca Pascani S.A.;
  • Installation for refrigeration tunnel in poultry slaughterhouse: SC Avicola Babeni SRL; SC Avicola Brasov SRL; SC Agrisol SRL,SC Transavia SRL;
  • Installation for refrigeration tunnel in pig slaughterhouse: SC Abator Peris, SC Avicola Costesti,SC  Belsuintest SRL;
  • Shop fitting: Mega Image;
  • Establishment of greenhouse and organic vegetable farm with use of energy from renewable sources: SC Eco Castor Rex SRL.

Interested in all these services or our consulting and design team? For more information or possible collaboration proposals, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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