Real Estate Forum Moldova
Digital Park Chisinau

Today – for the first time in history – we are meeting the key decision makers in the real estate industry, who are both government representatives, state agencies, LPAs, as well as strategic partners, investors, and developers of the business community. Thus, we aim at attraction of foreign investment in the interest of a lasting growth and development of Moldova Republic.

About the event

Currently, the real estate market in the Republic of Moldova registers high growth rates in terms of available stock (annual real estate stock) and demand (number of annual transactions on the market). The real estate market in Moldova consists of the residential real estate sector (private houses, office buildings) and those intended for individuals. This sector has a share of about 75% of the total real estate market. Non-residential space is one of the most important real estate parts, although this category holds 25% (20.4 million m2), has an annual growth of more than 4%.

See here the agenda: