Hi-Tech Business Forum

DeBizz / TheBizz Magazine together with our partners from the
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is organizing the 1st edition of the event dedicated to the IT & Software industry 
“Hi-Tech Business Forum”
This year’s event will take place ONLINE on the Zoom platform,
on March 17, between 11:00 and 12:30.

Hi-Tech Business Forum event, at its first edition, is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information on how companies can achieve positive transformations through digital technologies.
 Hi-Tech Business Forum aims to bring together IT experts from the private and public sector, to present examples of digital initiatives, technologies with high impact in our everyday life, and the most valuable lessons learned from the previous year.
Topics covered include electronic voting, cryptocurrency technology; cybersecurity, electronic archiving, the digital evolution of the last year, and the potential transformation of the Romanian IT industry from a support structure (on-demand services) to an independent industry (product sale).

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