CFO Conference
Radisson Blu

15 November 2022

The role of the CFO is changing, as well as that of the business environment. The new technologies and automation are redefining both the role of the CFO, and that of the specialists in financial departments. Digitalization is one of the priorities of most financial executives, but the process is a complex one. Beyond financial reporting, the non-financial one is becoming increasingly important, even more so as it is tightly connected with access to investments.

Data & analytics are the basis of financial decisions in the financial department of the future, but in their unprocessed form, they might be difficult to interpret and understand, and may lead to ineffective decisions. In terms of payments, processes and operations, the future is closer than we think, and things are advancing rapidly. Moreover, at international level, the macroeconomic situation, correlated with Romania’s situation require careful analysis.

Market transactions, investments, fusions and acquisitions, but also the price increase of raw materials and utilities, rising interest rates and inflation – all these elements are subjected to a CFO’s careful analysis.

In this context, we are looking at companies’ future through the eyes of the CFO of the future, paying attention to the current context and its particularities, on November 15th, 2022, during the CFO Conference, a hybrid event that will take place onsite, at Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest, and online, on MyConnector. The event is an important platform for getting insights from top companies and learning good practices from professionals in the field.