Korte Begijnenstraat 18,
2300 Turnhout


ADR-Flanders (Action Villages Romania) unites people with a heart for Romania. We give support to our Flemish groups of volunteers who engage themselves to a sustainable and supportive society in Flanders and Romania. ADR groups constitute a diverse collection of associations, non-profit organizations, institutions, youth movements, youth councils, schools, project groups, twinning committees, Romanian self-organisations etc. ADR-Flanders unites her groups and facilitates collaboration between them.

ADR-Flanders is an accredited socio-cultural organisation. Our aim is to connect people from both cultures in order to better understand each other. ADR-Flanders believes that those connections enrich people and gives them a more open view on the world. In that way we also want to support the inclusion of Romanians in Belgium. To fulfil this mission, we organise supralocal social cultural events and support local activities and actions, among others. ADR-Flanders is an expertise centre about Romania in Belgium. Through the engagement of tackling down common challenges and responding to community needs, we are creating a Europe of citizens. On the other hand, we would like to create awareness about the difficulties of (new) Eastern European Member States. Finally, the organization facilitates the exchange of expertise in the field of health, safety, tourism, social economy and civil society.

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