On November 15, A_BEST celebrated 15 years of excellence in business through foreign languages

A_BEST Foreign Language Center, one of the leaders on the language training market, celebrated its 15thanniversary on November 15. 

At A_BEST Foreign Language Center we help companies in their expansion endeavours by providing corporate language courses (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek etc) for their employees. Courses are conducted both face-to-face, at companies’ headquarters, and online, on Zoom / Teams etc. Moreover, we support Human Resources Departments through third-party linguistic audit services on a wide range of languages. We also provide written translation services (including authorized translations)” stated Aura Icodin, founder and CEO A_BEST. 

“On November 15, in a beautiful setting filled with joy, we celebrated 15 successful years on the market of language services, together with clients, partners and employees. More than 2000 A_BEST clients, that have trusted us over the years, have made this milestone possible. At the same time, we are grateful for the numerous suppliers and institutional or media partners, that we have worked with all this time. In addition, I have to say I am extremely proud of the A_BEST team that has been incredibly dedicated throughout the years.” added Aura Icodin. “We entered the market during the financial crisis of 2008-2009, reinvented ourselves after the crisis of 2020 and, from now on, we are ready to overcome any challenge as we aim higher and higher for the benefit of our clients, or, how we like to say: A_BEST_In Love WithTheFuture!” said Aura Icodin. 

In a global business environment, mastering foreign languages, especially English, French and German, can significantly impact companies’ sales. A_BEST supports multinational companies in Romania with personalized solutions for learning foreign languages. The PIMLICO study (Promoting, Implementing, Mapping Language and Intercultural Communication Strategies in Organisations and Companies), carried out in 20 EU member states, highlights that companies with a coherent strategy regarding foreign languages have had a 10-25% sales increase. By investing in language training, companies can boost sales, enhance their brand image and strengthen their position on the global market. 

A_BEST provides personalized and effective solutions to companies that want to improve their employees’ linguistic abilities. Companies that invest in our corporate foreign languages courses are from various fields, such as IT, telecommunications, banking, insurance, pharma, FMCG, transport or logistics. A_BEST foreign language center aims to offer a pleasant and professional experience to both employees and employers. CLT (Communicate Language Teaching) is the teaching method used by A_BEST trainers. Our trainers are specialized in teaching foreign languages for the business environment and are able to guide trainees using practical and interactive activities, tailored to meet the specific needs of the company. In teaching foreign languages to adults, a communicative approach is needed to improve trainees’ ability of applying the contents they learn, in various social contexts, formal or informal. 

About A_BEST Foreign Language Center 

A_BEST Foreign Language Center was founded in 2008 and is currently one of the leading independent centers for learning foreign languages in Romania. A_BEST provides complete linguistic services of international standards: foreign language courses – general / business / specialized language, open / corporate; Romanian courses for expats, foreign language courses for children, internationally recognized exams; translations; linguistic audit; organising events for the academic environment. 

For more details you can access the company’s website: https://abest.ro/