Nicoleta Chirilă

Head of Post at Flanders Investment and Trade in Romania


Nicoleta is the local representative of the region of Flanders for Romania and Moldova at FIT – Flanders Invest and Trade, the government agency of Flanders that promotes sustainable international business and offers a wide range of specialized services to companies, both in Flanders and abroad.

For companies, already in the region, Flanders Investment & Trade can assist in numerous matters, such as plant expansions, siting or export services. This includes not only products or services you may be sourcing, but also various types of business relationships, from joint ventures to technology transfers.

Businesses looking to set up new operations in Flanders are welcome to contact FIT for expert advice, free of charge, on all aspects of their investment. FIT multilingual advisers will provide your company with valuable insight and data concerning site availability, local labor supply, recruitment, training, suppliers and business strategies. In this way, they will help you pinpoint the most favorable location for your operations. Flanders Investment & Trade will advise you on the numerous financial benefits Flanders offers to foreign companies and put you in touch with national, regional and local authorities. Once established in Flanders, foreign companies can call on us to assist with projects ranging from plant expansions to the identification of potential new markets.

With over 70 offices worldwide, Flanders Investment & Trade is well represented in most major trading nations. Nicoleta is active in FIT Romania since 2009 and holds a Bachelor in Philology from the University of Bucharest, Romania.