Elena Grecu

Board Member

Member of Bucharest Bar Association and Lawyers’ Association in Romania since 2003, Elena graduated two MAs in Business Law and Intellectual Property Law, the latter organized by The Academy of World Intellectual Property Organization.

With a relevant experience in the areas of intellectual property and commercial law, Elena became an intellectual counselor in 2004 and a European counselor in industrial property in 2007.

Elena is the Manager Partner of Grecu&Associates, a very reputable law company specialised in business law.

Elena is implicated in various assemblies of different companies and in some media projects (Bizilive, Republica). Elena published many law-related articles and 4 books: “Community Trademarks”, “Guide to Entrepreneurs’ Contracts”, “Publicity Law or how to legally communicate” and “GDPR – good practices for entrepreneurs”.

Her Linkedin profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elenagrecu/?originalSubdomain=ro