Dragos Gadoiu

Board Member

Dragos is the CEO of Transpeco Logistics &Distribution S.A, a company specialized in the transportation of petroleum products and Member of Executive Board in the company GASPECO L&D, the leading player of the LPG Romanian market.
Under his leadership the companies have succeeded to obtain prizes of excellence from the relevant entities, every year.
Beside the executive positions held in Transpeco and Gaspeco, Dragos is the owner of a security company, Avan Security.
His passion is to develop further the actual business sectors and diversify the portfolio with new opportunities.
In terms of educational background Dragos has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a bachelor’s degree in Law Studies, one Master’s degree in Business Management and an Executive MBA degree.

Transpeco is a leader in providing fuel and LPG transport services for national and multinational clients;
The company has the experience and cutting-edge top-line technology to transport and deliver petroleum products in safe conditions and efficiency.
All Transpeco’s vehicles are compliant with the requirements of European Union concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, Work Safety and Environmental Protection.
The company’s mission is to meet the needs of our customers through a consistent commitment to safety, service and value.
It delivers exceptional service daily by setting lofty goals and achieving them through teamwork. Through continuous focus on core principals of Safety, Service, and Value, we will expand our abilities to support the needs and challenges of the petroleum industry.
We will accomplish our goals by providing Professionalism, Operational Integrity, “Cutting Edge” Technology, and accountability to both our customers and the public.

GASPECO L&D‘s business activities are supported by a powerful infrastructure including equipment and installations strategically positioned in western Romania (Timisoara) and southern Romania (Negoiesti), in the neighbourhood of Petrobrazi refinery.
Based on the strategical partnership concluded with Transpeco L&D (the main road transport operator for hazardous goods in Romania), Gaspeco achieved an optimum state-wide distribution for its full range of LPG type products.
The strategic business lines of Gaspeco are:
Filling, distribution and trading of LPG in cylinders destined for household and industrial use;
Selling of LPG for cars (Autogas);
Trading of propane destined to household and industrial use in metallic, horizontal cylinders, with capacities varying between 1750 and 5000 liters;
Wholesale of GPL, Bitumen, CLU, Diesel and Gasoline.