Bob De Man

Board Member and Treasurer

Bob De Man is since July 2017 CEO of Raiffeisen Leasing in Romania.  He joined the Raiffeisen Group in 2010 as Executive Director in charge with Change, Lean, PMO, Innovation and Process Management.

Bob holds a masters degree in economics from the university of Brussels and an MBA from INSEAD. 

He is an expert in influencing business expansion and growth through operations management, systems improvement, strategy development, and strategic leadership. Specialist in digital innovative programmes and lean principles that enhance productivity. Highly skilled in streamlining organizational structures, developing plans and strategies to revive underperforming  businesses, expand facilities, and standardize global asset acquisitions. Proven record of increasing sales, infiltrating markets, reducing expenses, and saving costs by successfully managing engineering and investment projects. Extensive experience working with global organizations, including  Raiffeisen Leasing SA, Raiffeisen Bank SA, McKinsey&Company, BP Japan and the Rompetrol Group.

He is a collaborative leader and entrepreneur, empowering teams, engaging clients and consumers, building relationships with executives and key stakeholders to achieve business outcomes and increase profitability. Bob speaks fluent 6 languages.