Andrei Neagu


Andrei is the founder and the managing partner of Quarioo Development, a R&D company focusing on developing innovative technical solutions for measuring and maintaining a proper indoor living environment. Andrei works at the crossroad of innovation and entrepreneurship with a clear mission to accelerate sustainable technical solutions. His clear eye for innovation recently brought Andrei back in Belgium where he works for imec at Ghent University, one of the leading research institutions in Europe, in investigating the commercializations possibilities of one of the first “device Integration Platforms as a Service”.

Andrei is the youngest member of our team and probably the youngest board member of a Chamber of Commerce in Romania. During his career he worked for Transilvania University and Ghent University in supporting students in entrepreneurial initiatives but also started a few ventures in Belgium and Romania.

Andrei holds a master’s degree in engineering and business, and is currently busy finishing his PhD at Transilvania University of Brasov.