Translation and language services

If you are looking to expand your network beyond language barriers, our specialized services can help you enable communication with your partners. Based on experience in various domains, our professional translators offer you the following services:


We offer fast and accurate translation services that will contribute to the growth of your business, by consistently translating your documents and delivering content on time. We have the resources to translate various types of documents, such as:

  • purchase agreements;
  • articles of association and amendments of the articles of association, memoranda;
  • legal documents (including subpoenas, authorizations, statements);
  • employment contracts and safety regulations;
  • Powerpoint presentations, websites, advertisments;
  • user manuals and technical specifications and descriptions for various products;
  • personal documents (including diplomas and certificates);
  • transport and customs documents.

* translations can be authorized or legalized if required


When you are working with partners or clients who do not share your native language, you might need an interpreter to be present at your (online) business meetings and interviews or for on-site interpretation of technical presentations. Our interpreters can provide real-time assistance for your multilingual discussions.

(Online) language courses

Join our flexible language courses focused on your needs. Whether you want to learn the language of the country you live in, for professional use or simply to enrich your knowledge, our interactive teaching methods can offer you the motivation you need to get started.

Administrative tasks

Increase productivity and efficiency in your company by externalising specific activities. Our collaborators can offer support with secretarial or administrative tasks that can be done remotely  and help you improve your workflow.

Are you looking for a translator, language trainer or administrative support?

Contact us for an offer or for more information about language services :

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