Sector Studies

Understand your target local market, check competition, potential acquisition targets, find your next business prospect or partner in Romania with the Sector Studies about Romania.

Available studies:

  • Top 10,000 companies in Romania
  • Construction
  • IT
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Audit, Accounting & Tax

How to use latest financial data & Romania market reports in your activity:

  • Create reliable market reports for your business plans
  • Create marketing & sales lists based on your prospecting profiles and rules
  • Use latest financial & risk rating data from the last three years to qualify prospects/targets
  • Understand the trend & size of the market sector you’re analyzing
  • Assess competition or potential purchase targets in Romania
  • Share information with your partners or teams – the reports are in English

What does a market report include?

A market sector study is a quantitative assessment of a specific sector based on the analysis of the financial data of thousands of companies.
The reader will have a top-down understanding of the dynamic of the sector thanks to an analysis of company data from the last 3 years, including risk rating, sales, profit, profit margin, DSO / Days Sales Outstanding, assets, debts, number of employees, sales per employee. 

Quantitative study

You will receive an analysis of the sector in a powerpoint format, 21 to 26 pages long, including complex, data-driven studies

Database of all companies in that sector

The package includes an excel file with all companies and their most recent financial data (2019) for the NACE codes included in the analysis.

Key industry figures

Size, legal status, geographical distribution, commercial credit risk, profitability, margins, debt, assets financing, no. of employees, risk variation

Classification of companies

By geographical criteria and by size of turnover and profit, including with sales trends per region

Top 20 and bottom 20 companies by turnover, profit, credit risk

Based on most recently available data: 2019 data from the Romanian financial authorities, and 2020 for legal data (Ministry of Justice).

Recommendations & conclusions