The local subsidiary of the International Group El Grupo Número 1, P3 Bucharest A1’s newest tenant

Dunwell, the only real estate agency in Romania specialised exclusively on industrial, has brokered the entry on the Romanian market of the distribution company, El Grupo Número 1, the largest franchiser in Spain, through the lease of a 3,000 sqm warehouse in P3 Bucharest A1 industrial park.

Thus, El Grupo Número 1, the largest multi-brand franchiser in the Canary Archipelago, Spain, exclusive distributor in Romania of on sale products of the most important brands of Spanish fashion, is entering the local market with several street shops and shopping centre locations, where they will sell last years’ collections.

Jeff Medeiros, General Manager in România of the Spanish distributer, affirms: „El Grupo Número 1 has about half a century of experience in the overstock business, mainly in fashion and footwear. We offer the very best Spanish and European fast retail brands at super affordable prices. In the past 10 years we have been growing rapidly in the West African market through partnerships or with our own stores. Now time has come for us to advance into cooler climates and Romania, being a sister Latin country, is just the natural destination for us, aiming at fast introduction into the local market but also into neighbouring countries like Bulgaria, Hungary and Moldova. We really needed to start with the right foot though and that was achieved through our partnership with Dunwell. Daniel Cautis from Dunwell really got our needs right from the get go and did an extensive and thorough, customized job, very well executed and time consuming, to really find us the best option in the warehouse market. We are now happily installed in a A class warehouse at a great location, P3 Logistical Park at Chiajna, next to the DNCB. I’d like to point out the P3 is in my opinion the most customer friendly operator in the logistics market, with a truly resourcefull and skilled staff, always willing to solve our every need at record time.”

“It is very rewarding to be able to contribute to the launching and development of new businesses in Romania and thus we are happy to have brokered the leasing of the warehousing space for El Grupo Número 1. Taking into consideration their specific distribution requirements, we have chosen the best solution for them, the viable space within P3, that provides easy access to all of Bucharest’s 6 districts, to Henri Coandă International Airport and both A1 and A3 highways.”, says Daniel Cautiș, managing partner Dunwell.

With more than 380.000 square meters within 14 warehouses and a plot of land that allows the building of another 100.000 sqm of logistic spaces, P3 Bucharest A1 is the most complex industrial park in the Capital. Besides the railway terminal that serves the goods transportation and to which recentley they have added the passengers travel possibility, the park also benefits from a canteen with more than 400 sqm of surface and 200 seating places, that will be inaugurated in November.

„The fashion retail is an important segment that is constantly developing, and Grupo Número 1 is an ambitious player who has both the experience and the know-how to rapidly expand its business in the region. We are confident that they will soon become a well-known brand, renowned on the local market. We would like to welcome our partners in the P3 community and we are happy they have chosen our logistic park to setup the basis of their operations in Romania. We sould like to also thank Dunwell’s team for their professionalism and cooperation. The fact that together we have found the best warehousing solution for this new entry on Bucharest’s market is gratifying.”, Sînziana Pardhan, Managing Director P3 România, has stated.

Dunwell experts observe that the industrial area, compared to the other commercial real-estate departments (retail and office), is the most settled and predictable during these critical times. The pandemic has modified the transactions dynamics for the industrial spaces, in matters of adapting the renting periods and surfaces, both from the tenant’s perspective and from the lanlord’s. These changes have occured, amongst other reasons, to cover the peaks generated by the transfer of the consumption from the offline (in store) to the online (from the warehouse). As regards the retail and office space, a siginificant amount of clients look for solutions to sub-lease or reduce their surfaces, while the industrial parks keep their tenants and the latter maintain their activity continuous and uninterrupted.  

At the same time, we can notice a change in the retail area also, where tenants in the fashion segment register income increases from online sales, together with lowering the maintenance costs of the same product in a warehouse as opposite to a store in a mall. The decision thus tilts towards an optimisation process of the distribution chain to the final consummer.


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