The fragile balance within ESG

Following the previous newsletters introducing the new ESG rules prepared by our member, PETERKA & PARTNERS Romania, it is time to consider the fragile balance between two critical pillars of ESG, the environmental policies (the “E” pillar), and the social and labour policies (the “S” pillar).

The ESG revolution is a challenging topic for all industries and PETERKA & PARTNERS Romania would like to present some interesting features below.

A recent example of how the fragile balance between these ESG pillars can be easily upset was brought to light by the fine-dining industry, where innovative restaurants are more open than ever to take into consideration hyper eco concepts, using only ingredients local to the region in which they are operating. Still, the most telling example comes from the clean energy industry, where to achieve Net Zero by 2050, the solar and electric energy sectors intend to become the central part of the worldwide energy system.