The benefits and values that Telios provides to the company’s employees

You have access to a doctor 24/7 by phone,mobile application or through the WEB portal. You practically have your own personal doctor at any time of the day or night

– The platform includes a questionnaire for the analysis of COVID 19 symptoms. It also issues personalized recommendations based on the result of the questionnaire
– The price! The starting price of a subscription is ONLY 15 RON and decreases depending on the number of subscribers. For 260 employees the price is 14 RON / Month / employee. This cost also includes the subscriber’s family and all the  children up to the age of 18;
– Telios Care also brings over 23 years of experience in the USA through eDocAmerica to Romania
– The call center is staffed by qualified nurses that are well trained  to perform all checks prior to the consultation with the doctor or specialist 
– If necessary, a second medical opinion can be requested from the company and it will be sent to a group of doctors from the USA, from leading clinics and who are our strategic partners;
– In our package of services you will find also 21 medical specialties;

– The Telios service offers the possibility to issue prescriptions and referrals for clinical and paraclinical investigations and to specialist doctors in real time in maximum 5 minutes after the consultation;
– All cases are followed up by us until the situation has been resolved. This means that the doctor will return each time to check the health (follow up) and if the treatment was successful;
– The number of consultations is unlimited for the subscriber or any of the family members. There is no hidden fee. The only cost is the price of the subscription;
– Telios is an accredited clinic for the delivery of digital and virtual health services;