Telios Care, the first healthcare startup from Cluj-Napoca to list on SeedBlink’s equity crowdfunding platform

Telios Care will be listing on SeedBlink beginning 10th of May 2021, as the first healthcare startup from Cluj-Napoca to go for equity crowdfunding. In 2020, Telios Care registered a 10-fold increase in the number of users of its telemedicine services and estimates a doubling of the number of serviced patients in 2021.

SeedBlink is the fastest growing investing platform specialized in sourcing, vetting, financing, and scaling European tech startups. Telios Care’s plan is to raise 800,000 euro in total on SeedBlink, with 200,000 euro already committed from previous investors. 

In May last year Telios received an investment of $ 200,000 from three of the most important angel investor networks in Romania, investing together for the first time. Telios was and continues to be supported by investors originating in the Angel Networks of Transylvania Angels Network (TAN), Growceanu (Timisoara) and Tech Angels (Bucharest).

“We are raising 800,000 euro in total. We have right now around 200,000 euro already committed from the previous investors. The round is going to be used for digitizing and enhancing our existing systems and for expansion in chronic disease and home care, not only in Romania, but also in Eastern Europe, Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria. Those three countries are going to be the prime goal for this year and next year, and we’re going to be using the same model we now use in Romania, partnerships through existing channels.”, says Philip Cioban, Telios Care CEO and co-founder.

Telios Care’s plans for this year include setting up mini clinics into drug stores that people are going to be able to walk in and do a quick exam with a tele-doctor, closing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies for offering a discount to people that come to utilize their telemedicine system and starting a home nurse service.

Telios Care is also the first company to have just contracted with a long distance carrier in the United States that caters to the diaspora and Romania, a deal which will allow families in the States to pay for telemedicine for their loved ones in Romania.

Telios Care brings to Romania more than 25 years of experience in telehealth services in the USA. The company offers employees and insured persons non-stop access to specialized medical and wellness advice for a wide range of specialties.

Telios Care saw last year a 10-fold increase in the number of users of telemedicine services, ending the year with 75,000 beneficiaries working in areas such as retail, IT, financial services, manufacturing, transportation and agriculture. The company estimates for 2021 a doubling of the number of users by including Telios services in insurance products and medical subscriptions (through its partner SanoPass), as well as by direct sales to companies.

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