SUCIU | THE EMPLOYMENT LAW FIRM launches a new edition of HR Legal Training – the only training program that reveals the best kept secrets in employment law in less than two weeks!

What is HR Legal Training?

HR Legal Training is the most practical and interactive training program for HR professionals that reveals in accessible language the strategies you need to know to save thousands of euros on employment litigation.

Why is HR Legal Training for YOU?

You have at least 4 reasons why you should not miss this training program:

  • Because we created this training program with the daily challenges in mind that YOU, as an HR professional, face in interpreting and applying employment law.
  • Because this training program offers solutions to the most thorny labour law issues that you can’t find in the Labour Code or through a simple web search.
  • Because this training program has a practical approach that helps you identify the best solutions for your company while respecting the legal rights of your employees.
  • Because this training program contains the best strategies that we have successfully applied over 16 years of experience and that will help you minimize the risk of labour conflicts and avoid litigation and fines of thousands of euros.

What knowledge will you gain from HR Legal Training?

Here is a small part of what you will learn during this training:

  • Tips and tricks about disciplinary dismissals that you don’t find in the Labour Code
  • What you should never do in the case of dismissal due to job cuts
  • Say goodbye to false workplace harassment claims
  • The truth about compensating hours worked on weekends
  • How to get rid of absenteeism due to unjustified sick leave
  • The truth about the employer’s obligation to initiate collective bargaining
  • 5 things you need to know about monitoring employees at work

A detailed overview of all modules can be found here.

What do participants say about HR Legal Training?

Thank you for the training earlier this week – training that was and is really useful to me. The presentation is very well structured, exemplified from practice and excellently presented. Congratulations and here’s to more such courses!Mihaela Voicu, Economic Director, Imprimeria Arta Grafica

Andreea, I want to thank you for this week’s training! I really liked how you organized the information and the way it was transmitted! The examples and case studies were very well chosen, the discussions on them as well as the proposals for solving the situations in the examples given were relevant for us. Congratulations!” Iulia Mihaiescu, HR Manager, Steelcase

Thank you for the openness you showed and for your answers to the questions we asked during the training. Very useful and well structured.” Catalina Calinescu, Head of HR & Payroll Department, Mazars

For me it was exactly what I needed, I found it very well structured and most of all I appreciated the examples from practice.” – Roxana Florescu, Compensation & Benefits Specialist, ADM Romania Trading

I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend this training, very useful perspective for me, to see that there is a legal that can objectively help an employer to navigate through the complex haze of labour legislation. I was impressed by the practical experience you came to us, the trainees, with and the way you managed to find solutions for us as professionals applying the legislation, insights that also give us guidelines for the work and situations we go through on a daily basis at our jobs. Thank you for the rich experience we have gone through these weeks, very useful hints we have learned or clarified.” – Elena Manaila, HR Manager, Gameloft