Saniclima W200

Today, more than ever we feel the need to travel in a purified environment protected from pathogens. The new Saniclima W200 is the result of Autoclima’s experience in the air treatment sector.
Saniclima W200 is an independent product, which can be installed either on the ceiling or the wall, allowing to treat air even without the presence of an Air Conditioning System. Saniclima W200 uses the natural effect of photocatalysis.

Saniclima W200 is suitable for pharma/food transportation, taxi, pool cars, city-buses, ambulances, tramways, employee transportation, touristic minibuses, school busses and many more.
Main advantages:
• high level of sanitization;
• can be used while the engine is turned on and during all the journey of the vehicle;
• can be used when the engine is turned off, thanks to its low power consumption;
• It’s completely independent from the existing dashboard A/C system;
• the best benefit is that Saniclima W200 is the only product on the market that can be used even with PEOPLE INSIDE THE VEHICLE, without any risk for people and their health;
• time saving for the driver: he doesn’t need to sanitize the vehicle for the air disinfection. Thanks to Saniclima W200 the sanitation will be constant;
• money saving: purchasing Saniclima W200 grants a one-shot investment. The driver will avoid any additional costs due to the daily air disinfection.

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