Partnership for the digitization of the private insurance and pensions market: NN and Cegeka develop alternatives to transform the customers’ digital experience

NN, leader in the Romanian life insurance and private pensions markets, and the local subsidiary of Cegeka, one of the largest European providers of IT solutions, have partnered to transform NN’s customers’ digital experience when interacting with the company’s products and services. The first step was the relaunch of the NN Direct mobile application and new features are expected to follow, so that customers can benefit at any time, in one place, from all the information about their entire NN product portfolio in a simple, intuitive and fast process.

In a context where the internet access on mobile devices is the main trend – 86% of internet users in Romania connect online from their mobile phones, according to INS (National Institute of Statistics) data – developing an easy digital experience for customers is a “must-have”. Thus, NN Romania initiated last year a process of transforming the interaction with its customers and successfully relaunched the NN Direct application, mid-pandemic. In the coming period, the company aims to develop new features so customers can access more easily and remotely all the benefits of their insurance and pension products and obtain information about them directly on their phone.

“Like any digital transformation journey, regular updates are needed. The digital environment is fluid, everything that was valid yesterday must be continuously updated today and facilitating access to information of interest about our money tends to become normal. For a project started during the pandemic, a reliable partner was needed, and Cegeka Romania rised up to all our expectations, even exceeding them. The best part is that we aren’t stopping here with the upgrades. The new app versions will bring even more relevant and valuable functionalities for users”, says Laura Băloi, Head of Customer Strategy & Digital, NN Romania.

With an intuitive design, a friendlier interface and facial or fingerprint authentication, the NN Direct application gives customers free and fast access to all the information they need about their life insurance and private pension products directly on the mobile screen, in an improved experience. Developed in collaboration with Cegeka Romania, from architecture and design to implementation and security, the new version of the app transposes NN’s vision of always being close to customers, and the result can be seen from the moment of downloading the app from Google Play or App Store.

“Developing an experience that convinces users to always return to an app that keeps them connected to their insurance and pensions, especially in this unusual period that has changed the way they interact with others, but also with products and brands they use, involved a collaboration based on principles of the Agile methodology and an increased attention to customer needs, all revolving around the idea of “In close cooperation” – our motto. Starting from these needs and expectations for the future, we have created an application based on state-of-the-art technologies, easy to adapt to future needs, which offer customers exactly the intuitive digital interaction they need”, adds Cristina Fianu, Business Development Manager, Cegeka Romania.

Digitalization is a strategic priority for NN, which translates into relevant financial products and experiences that are closer to customers. NN Romania is constantly exploring opportunities to bring services where customers are increasingly present in the digital environment.

About NN Romania

NN ( is the first international life insurance company to enter the Romanian market in 1997, and for 13 years it has also been active in the private pensions segment, being a leader in these markets. At the same time, the company’s activity locally includes investment management, and NN has expanded on the health insurance market and, recently, on the general insurance market, by adding home insurance to its portfolio.

NN has almost 2,000 employees and financial consultants and supports over 2.2 million insurance and pension customers, a quarter of Romania’s active population, to protect what matters most to them. Since its launch on the Romanian market, NN has paid a total of 1.6 billion lei to its customers in indemnities on the life and health insurance segments.

About Cegeka Romania

Cegeka is an European provider of IT solutions, including end-to-end application development services as well as IT team extension, Cloud services, IT infrastructure, data and automation services like Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, RPA, IoT, DevOps. Cegeka helps its customers stay relevant in the digital environment, beyond digitalization and evolution in the cloud, offering solutions that have a real impact on customers’ business.

Cegeka has over 600 employees in Romania and Moldova, being present on the Romanian market since 2006, covering software development services and IT infrastructure.

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