La Lorraine Bakery Group NV to Invest EUR20m In Romanian Production Facilities.

La Lorraine Romania, part of the Belgian La Lorraine Bakery Group NV Bakery Group, will invest EUR20m to expand local production and it aims to grow its sales to EUR50m, says General Manager Razvan Bosomoiu.
 La Lorraine’s sales raised to almost EUR30m in the first six months of 2022, mostly driven by new product launches, the expansion of international retail chains, and new customers. Its plans are to develop the Romanian, Bulgarian and Serbian markets and to expand the production facility in Transylvania to increase output. The investment is estimated at EUR70m, 20 of which to be allocated in 2022.
The company estimates an annual turnover of over EUR50m, rising from last year’s of EUR34m. Over 90% of sales is driven by the international retail chains.