Ijdelea & Associates obtained an enforceable favourable court decision for Hortilife BV related to use of a EUR 3.5 million greenhouse in Arad

Ijdelea & Associates have assisted Hortilife BV in an urgent dispute resolution procedure aimed at stopping their contractual partner from using a 3.5 million EUR greenhouse located in Arad County before the turnkey project developed by our client was approved according to the contractual framework.

The dispute was part of a series of ongoing legal proceedings, both in and out of court, aimed at resolving the parties’ disagreements regarding the development of a large greenhouse complex for a Slovenian farming establishment active in the field of growing crops in technologically advanced greenhouses.

Hortilife BV is an international player in commercial greenhouses with over 30 years of experience in developing turnkey greenhouse projects in application of sustainable and responsible solutions for indoor crop growing in challenging climate conditions.

The legal services provided were rendered more complex by the need to consider the convoluted structure of the parties’ business transaction, the fact that it was partially funded from EU funds and the intricate and often delicate state of facts which complicated the implementation of clear-cut legal and business solutions for agreeing on the final acceptance and outstanding financial issues of the project.

The favorable decision obtained by Ancuta Pop, Partner and her team will steer the way Hortilife BV and its contractual partner will resolve their current commercial disputes, creating the context for a settlement and a business approach to end a lengthy and strenuous legal battle.

Ijdelea & Associates works with a deep understanding of clients’ industries, and invariably factor in a commercial approach. This combination enables the firm to help its clients structure their projects and transactions most advantageously, mindful of time demands and with a view towards meeting their legal and business objectives.

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