EMS GROUP / Back to work

After all this time of inactivity in Belgium and Luxembourg we are very happy to get back to work. All of us are worried of the repercussions, we still have a lot of questions regarding the future: Are we going to have budget for our projects? Are we going to be able to finish the started projects ? We don’t have the answers yet, but EMS FLOOR GROUP is prepared to start full engine in order to support all the partners and to help them achieve the dead lines. It is hard to find solutions in a time of crisis but we all have to adapt and adaptability is one of EMS values. The application of epoxy flooring in all of our projects is our mission, more teams will be present on the most urgent projects. The know-how and experience of 10 years in resin flooring will help us to perform promptly to all the requests. EMS FLOOR GROUP will make the efforts to assist all the partners through hashtag#focus and hashtag#perseverance, other two values that our company shares.

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