Connecting Women in Business powered by OFA UGIR: A successful event that supported the development of female entrepreneurship in Romania

The “Connecting Women in Business powered by OFA UGIR” event, organised by the Patronage of the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs from UGIR in partnership with the Belgium Luxembourg Romania Moldova Chamber of Commerce (BEROCC), proved to be a particularly important moment for the promotion and support of business women from Romania. Held on June 27, 2023, on the elegant terrace of the Swiss Clinics in Bucharest, this event brought together women entrepreneurs from various fields of activity, such as energy, real estate development, insurance, financial services, medicine, art, media, consulting and tourism.

One of the remarkable aspects of the event was the presence and support given by men who recognize the importance and essential contribution of women in the development of society. “UGIR supports the involvement of women in all fields of activity and recognizes their merits. I don’t know how you do it, but every time you manage to materialize everything you propose”, said Radu Godeanu, UGIR Vice President.

“I believe in the inner strength and professional capacity of the Romanian women and I am convinced that if we join our efforts, we will realise even more valuable projects for Romania. OFA UGIR wants to develop collaborations and partnerships with associative structures of the private environment, but also with public institutions, contributing the valuable expertise of its members in key fields for Romania”, said Mioara Iofciulescu, Vice-President of OFA UGIR .

Alain Schodts, Executive Director of BEROCC, emphasized the importance and positive impact of the partnership between BEROCC and OFA UGIR in supporting the development of female entrepreneurship. “We are proud to support OFA UGIR in their efforts to promote and develop the entrepreneurial potential of women in Romania. Increasing women’s participation in the business world brings tangible benefits to both the economy and society as a whole,” he said.

The organizers of the event, OFA UGIR, expressed the desire to develop collaborations and partnerships with the associative structures of the private environment and with public institutions, bringing the valuable expertise of its members in key fields for Romania.

A special moment of the event was presented by Ani Olteanu, LMI Romania partner, who highlighted the importance of setting SMART objectives in the new European context and offered entrepreneurs examples of good practices in this regard. This information was extremely valuable to the participants, giving them the necessary tools to grow their businesses in an efficient and sustainable way.

Academia de Artă Handmade București also had a notable presence at the event, offering prizes to participants, consisting of handmade decorations and jewelry, unique creations of Romanian artisans. In addition, Academia de Artă Handmade București organized a mini exhibition of handmade art, with the authentic traditional costume and the high-necked shirt as the central piece, which captivated the eyes and admiration of the participants.

To complement the energetic and inspiring atmosphere, the band Impact Art performed a moment of theater that delighted the audience in attendance, demonstrating the power of art to convey messages and unite people around a shared experience.

The event host, Swiss Clinics is the largest aesthetics clinic in Bucharest, founded by Valentin Burada, and recognized for providing premium medical services for over 8 years. With its own operating theater and experts in a wide range of medical specializations, Swiss Clinics has built a solid reputation for providing surgical and non-invasive interventions, dental, dermatological and gynecological procedures. Their team of qualified physicians and dedicated medical staff ensure high quality care and excellent patient outcomes. Proudly, Swiss Clinics is a supplier to the Royal House, a recognition of their quality and professionalism in the medical field. This association with the Royal House is proof of the trust and respect given to Swiss Clinics and confirms their commitment to offer the best services in the medical field.

The “Connecting Women in Business powered by OFA UGIR” event represented a valuable platform for female entrepreneurs in Romania, offering them the opportunity to connect, learn from each other and develop sustainable collaborations and partnerships. Through these efforts, Romanian female entrepreneurs have demonstrated that they are strong, talented and determined to contribute to the progress and economic development of their country.

The organization and success of the event is a shining example of the long-term commitment of the UGIR Women’s Entrepreneurship Organization Patronage and its partners in promoting gender equality and creating an inclusive and favorable business environment for all entrepreneurs.

Event partners: Swiss Clinics, Academia de Artă Handmade București, Avisso, Ageo Biz, Biocomp

Media partners: Business Voice, Ziarul News, Curierul Național