Chocolate in a bottle

Chocolate in a bottle is a sparkling white
gourmet wine from the South of France,
made from Chardonnay grapes and
natural extracts of cocoa and hazelnuts.
In the mouth the delicate aroma of the
hazelnuts is enhanced by the touch of
chocolate, due to the cacao. Serve this
drink very cool, it is great to accompany
desserts with chocolate or fruit.
Chocolate in a Bottle is exclusive,
gourmet and unique.

Chocolate in a Bottle was created by blending
the most famous product of Belgium:
chocolate, and the most famous product of
France: wine. The cocoa meets specific
properties and is added to the wine in an
innovative way so that the wine remains
clear. The Chardonnay grapes are
traditionally vinified into a beautiful classic
sparkling wine. The vineyards have a sandy
bottom with slate and are 11 km from

Why Chocolate in a Bottle?
Original product of high quality
Unique and stylish
New Flavour
No alternative on the market